12 Gauge Heavy Duty Choke & Chamber Brush

Manufacturer: Pro-Shot Products
Manufacturer part number: 709779101009
Oversized 12 GA Chamber Brush - 20mm Brush with #5/16-27 Threads
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Oversized Chamber Brush - Made in USA

This chamber brush features stout bronze bristles with a looped end.  Excellent for removing heavy fouling and plastic wad fouling.  This 20mm diameter is perfect for the chamber of most all 12 Gauge shotguns. The Brush Core itself is threaded and screws directly onto a standard shotgun rod or a drill rod. Popular with the trap and sporting clay's shooters, this chamber brush is great for all break open or side-by-side Shotguns.


  • Super Heavy Duty Bronze Bristles
  • Direct Threads #5/16-27 - Made for attaching to rods to clean shotguns with a drill
  • Packaged in a reusable tube
  • Made in USA